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The name badger is possibly derived from the word badge because of the marks on the head, or it may be identical with the term noted below: the French word blaireau being used in both senses. But more likley, the term comes from the French word b?cheur (digger), introduced during William the Conqueror's reign.[1] An older term for "badger" is brock (Old English brocc), a Celtic loanword (Gaelic broc, Welsh broch, from Proto-Celtic *brokko). The Proto-Germanic term was *?ahsu- (German Dachs), probably from the PIE root *tek'- "to construct," so that the badger would have been named after its digging of setts (tunnels).

A male badger is a boar, a female a sow and a young badger is a cub. The collective name for a group of badgers is a clan, colony, or cete.


Der Dachs (Meles meles) ist eines der charakteristischen S?ugetiere europ?ischer W?lder. Zur Abgrenzung von anderen Arten der Dachse (Melinae) innerhalb der Familie der Marder (Mustelidae) wird er auch als Europ?ischer Dachs oder Eurasischer Dachs bezeichnet. Der Name ?Grimbart? ist dagegen ein volkst?mlicher Name, den der Dachs in der Fabel und in Goethes Versepos Reineke Fuchs tr?gt

Grimbart's Night Life am Suttenberg


Woolly Pic?s

Ginger ...still missing in action!

...say Hello to Arthur

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